PV411 공압/유압/미압 다기능 핸드펌프 (공압40bar, 유압700bar)
가격문의(상세정보 참조)

다기능 4 in 1 핸드펌프 (미압 / 공압40bar / 유압700bar / 진공95%)

  • Hydraulic pressures to 10,000 psi
  • Pneumatic pressures to 600 psi
  • Vacuum to 28.5 inHg
  • Low-pressure fine control
  • Unique vacuum priming function removes trapped air during hydraulic operation
  • High-pressure generation is accomplished with the volume adjuster, eliminating the physical effort associated with conventional hand pumps
  • Pressure/Vacuum selector valve also provides exceptional fine control pressure relief in both pneumatic and hydraulic modes
  • Tamper-proof adjustable overpressure protection valve which can be set to relieve pressures from 300 to 10,000 psi
  • Removable hydraulic reservoir which can be disconnected from the pump without draining the fluid
  • Reservoir safety feature with spring-loaded top cover vents if inadvertently pressurized above 8 psi
  • Hydraulic mode designed to operate with distilled water and/or high viscosity mineral oil
  • Highly sensitive volume adjuster is used for hydraulic, pneumatic, vacuum, and low-pressure operation
  • Built-in stroke adjuster controls the pressure/vacuum generated per stroke
  • 240° swivel head for optimum viewing of reference indicators • Internal moving parts are PTFE anodized for reduced friction and wear
  • Ergonomic, rugged, and light


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